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Sherlin Gerhart

Gerhart Guitars

Welcome to Gerhart Guitars, home of some of the world's finest flat top steel-string acoustics. We build using the hollow form method and employ old world traditions and technologies. Our tonewoods come from the deepest darkest jungles of the world and our top woods are predominantly Adirondack/Eastern Red Spruce (picea rubens) or Carpathian Spruce (picea abies).

Our flagship instrument has been the Orchestra Model (OM) though we have built dreadnoughts and jumbos. Presently we are conducting R & D and market research for a steel string Requinto which is a physically smaller version guitar tuned to the key of A. The prototype is currently under construction.

We have developed and are currently producing a limited edition T-style electric. This instrument has generated a tremendous amount of interest in the marketplace and has surpassed our own expectations tonally. It has been built using North American hardwoods including Ash and highly figured master grade Maples.

Though we prefer our own design, when it comes to electric guitars, if you can dream it-we can build it. We are honored to be your custom shop. Our wood is acquired from only the most reputable suppliers and then acclimated in Arizona for quite some time before use. Obviously we build a dry country guitar, thus we don't encounter the problems of shrinkage, and warping that other eastern manufacturers experience when their instruments are brought out west. This supports an age-old luthier's truism: you'd rather bring a dry guitar into a moist environment than a moist guitar into a dry environment.

At Gerhart Guitars our philosophy is simple. We are committed to producing a superior instrument using only the highest grade materials and tonewood available, thus building in exceptional value.

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