Graduated from Roberto-Venn School of Luthiery

Apprenticed in local retail guitar shop honing repair skills

Established Gerhart Guitars

Gerhart Guitar launches new website

About Gerhart Guitars

Our story
After a four-year stint in the military, college at Texas Tech University, and a 22-year career in the aerospace industry, Sherlin Gerhart moved from Texas to Arizona in 1995. Spurred by a growing lack of interest in cross country corporate transfers that are common in the heavy jet maintenance segment of the aerospace industry, this move enabled him to transplant his Texas roots to Arizona and combine his lifelong interests in guitars with the technical proficiency he honed in the aircraft industry.

After a short sojourn in Tucson, then back to the east coast in yet another transfer, he and his family settled in Mesa, a suburb of Phoenix. In 2001, he entered the Roberto-Venn School of Luthiery for five months of intensive training from one of the world’s leading luthier schools. Upon graduation, Sherlin went to work in a local retail guitar shop that specialized in maintenance and repair.

After completing this journeyman stint in the retail maintenance shop, Sherlin hung out the gerhart guitars shingle and began producing custom guitars and building a maintenance business of his own in a small shop affectionately known as his man cave. His reputation for outstanding quality and meticulous attention to detail coupled with his unique musical IQ quickly spread. Many master musicians could never build a custom guitar and many excellent luthiers could never perform on stage, but Sherlin Gerhart can do both. This unique musical IQ is interwoven into each instrument crafted at Gerhart Guitars.

Why a Gerhart guitar? Simple; Incisive pick attack, Dynamic Headroom, Warm sweet tone, and incredible playability.

In 2009, Gerhart Guitars launched their website and began an aggressive marketing campaign aimed at emphasizing Gerhart’s laser-like attention to detail that produces quality craftsmanship. Gerhart craftsmanship is respected by both professional and amateur musicians. Anyone on a quest for the quintessential quarry of custom equipment will quickly recognize that quality craftsmanship is the standard by which custom guitars are measured. If you have always wanted the feel of a custom guitar in your hands and to hear that sweet tone reverberating in your ears, you owe it to yourself to try a Gerhart Guitar.
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