` ` ` Welcome to Gerhart Guitars.

` ` ` We offer fine custom guitars,  both acoustic and electric, designed and built here from the highest quality materials available by master luthier Sherlin Gerhart.

` ` ` We also offer repairs on fine modern and vintage guitars.

` ` ` We have one of the most experienced electronic technicians in the valley offering repair and custom mods on guitar amplifiers, guitar wiring, pickups, tone controls.

` ` `This page will feature our latest news, customer testimonials, and some sound and video samples. For more in depth information about some of the worlds finest custom guitars, the man who makes them, and other services we offer, please browse  our other pages.


Well, more changes coming. I will be reshooting all guitar pics due to changing some design elements of the guitars. This has been difficult because usually these guitars are made one at a time. Only a handful of electrics have been made since 2001. we are trying to make a few now of the new design, but nothing is automated so it takes time, especially while running the best guitar repair shop in arizona.