CRAZY GUITAR WIRING JOB IN THE AMP SHOP ……… I took this guitar wiring job for the joy of making art out of it. Check out the pictures on the AMP REPAIR page. Toggle switch is replaced by the 6-way FREEWAY SWITCH. Amazing sounding guitar, and very versatile. It required custom routing and an 8 conductor sheilded cable from the toggle switch. I also made the custom terminal strip, and the polished stainless cover plates.


  1. We are in a retail shop with a true expert dealing in vintage guitars.
  2. We are a luthiery shop with Sherlin Gerhart making some of the worlds finest guitars.
  3. We are a luthiery repair shop doing expert repairs on all types of guitars.
  4. We are an amp shop with over 50 years experience in repairs, now building and tuning world class tube amps.


Yes, we said that before. Come see if it’s the truth. 50 years of electronics. 50 years playing guitar. Trained as a recording engineer. Quick turn around. Custom amp mods and tuning. Good sense of humor. When your amp sounds better, you sound better. Let’s tune it up. If someone else can’t fix it, I can. Thanks.


The new style electric is done and it is amazing. It was planned for tone and playability, but, wow, the results are beyond expectations. Take a look on the GALLERIES page, and come in and play it plugged in to a custom tube amp done by our amp tech.


OK, yes, we are first a luthiery shop making fine guitars. But we wanted to let you know, our amp tech is gaining a reputation for being one of the best boutique builders and amp tuners anywhere. From resurecting fine old tube amps to building and designing new ones from scratch, the tone, touch sensitivity, quiet idle of these amps are equal or better to the rarest most expensive ones. Check our Amp Repair page to learn more.


Is it? Come in and see. In addition to Gerhart Guitars’ master luthier making world class guitars, there is a wonderful assortment of carefully selected fine used and vintage guitars for sale in Guitar Pickers, and an amp and electronic shop with over 50 years experience making tube amps sound amazing. Hope to see you soon.

Well, more changes coming. I will be reshooting all guitar pics due to changing some design elements of the guitars. This has been difficult because usually these guitars are made one at a time. Only a handful of electrics have been made since 2001. we are trying to make a few now of the new design, but nothing is automated so it takes time, especially while running the best guitar repair shop in arizona.

Hey folks, check out the new video below. This is one of Gerhart’s fantastic guitars being played by our amp repair tech through a vintage Marshall amp he restored. Can’t say enough about how this guitar plays; perfect action, perfect intonation, killer note clarity, and it’s just a beautiful guitar.

Major update to website

  This new layout has some features that are new to us,  so bear with us as we fill in content and learn how to use everything. But we are not new to what we do. We have been making exceptional custom guitars in the valley for nearly two decades, and offering repairs on guitars and amplifiers.

    Check back for videos, sound samples, and other interesting stuff, and if you’re in Scottsdale Arizona stop in and see us.